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Throwdown Thursday
TTP #97 - Brienne of Darth
May 03, 2018 Patsy the Angry Nerd, Ashes von Nitemare and Agent Nicole
In this episode from a galaxy far, far away the gang is short Ashes von Nitemare but welcome in first-time guest Jeannette Andromeda! Miss Andromeda shares some interesting personal details about which artist she'd most like to work with, what movie always makes her cry, and of course her thoughts on this week's character Captain Phasma! Patsy and Nicole give some background on the character, including how she survived Starkiller Base, and what she was up to directly following those events. Even Johnny Wolfenstein chimes in with his thoughts on the comparison between Phasma and her original trilogy counterpart, Boba Fett. All this and MORE on this week's episode of Throwdown Thursday.
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