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Throwdown Thursday
TTP #95 - Thanos: The Hands of Fate, Part 1
April 19, 2018 Patsy the Angry Nerd, Ashes von Nitemare and Agent Nicole
This week the gang welcomes some old faces and new when horror author Steve Van Samson, Grandizer Funk and the Immortal Gunslinger Dynamo Marz invade the studio while Madam President Taryn Barber, Ya Primo Tino Mancebo and the Boy Wonderful Ian Wallace of Amalga-Mania take over the airwaves to drop some serious knowledge about the Mad Titan, THANOS! The group discusses the story that really brought him into the spotlight, 1991's "Thanos' Quest" and "Infinity Gauntlet". They all bring their unique perspectives on that story and help you understand who this character is ahead of the release of the major Marvel film where he is the central antagonist. So strap in and get ready for some serious needing out on this week's episode of Throwdown Thursday!
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